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Ohio Valley Haunts
Reviewed 10/5/13
7th Street Haunt
click logo to visit their website
2900 S. 7th St. (next to Expo Five)
Louisville, KY  40215
(812) 989-9224
Fri/Sat/Sun Sept 20 - Nov 2
Fri/Sat 8 PM - 2 AM & Sun 8 - 10:30 PM
  Also open Halloween night 8 - 10:30 PM
$18 ($5 discount with website coupon)
7TH STREET HAUNT:  The Chainsaw Rejects eagerly greet new arrivals at 7th Street Haunt, and a quick choice of paid photo-ops leads into a thrilling introduction that takes place at Fort Harmony, where a rather irate D.I.-like Sergeant explains house rules beside an imprisoned captive, then ejects recruits into Ward 9 - a maniacal medical facility highlighted by multiple body bags, an attack from the aforementioned hostage, and a number of dead bodies.  A deranged physician claims to able to "smell your fear" inside a bloody autopsy room that houses more detainees, and yields through spiders and webs into a baby nursery that gives rise to a straight-jacketed loony calling everybody "piggies," and going absolutely berserk!  From there, a brief pause in a circus filled with stuffed animals introduces a pair of interacting clowns, followed by a jack-in-the-box surprise in the midst of a jovial birthday celebration that yields past a blue-eyed monster into an underground cavern discovering an infuriated miner laying claim to all the gold.  A deadly cave-in traps one of his co-workers as the course moves into the clutches of an angry butcher, then exposes OVH's 2012 most memorable character recipient, The Old Creeper, who readily invites us to sniff a large pair of panties, asks to do the same to a female member of our group, offers to lick her butt, and happily invites everyone to "stroke" on the pole of his trusty broomstick!  Comedy aside, finds an innocent girl burning in a raging inferno, then a promiscuous proposition within a decrepit bathroom.  Barrels lead the way through a baby's room, then out to a scarecrow infested cornfield, and onto a sanctuary of skeletons that provokes a rampant voodoo assault at the hands of a diabolical Witchdoctor and the reincarnation of Marie Laveau!  With mojo on our side, their curses are avoided only to suffer the attack of a giant serpent along the entrance to a frightening cemetery that accesses an ungodly church, where a nun is bound and being persecuted by some sort of unholy ceremony!  Promises of "no escape" soon bring about a spooky looking mansion, where a man has done himself in, another poor soul hangs in the hallway, a disgusting dining room unleashes an unexpected startle, and a beheaded individual seated at a desk clings to life as the remainder of the residents rant and rave hysterically, along a rib-exposed skeleton-like monstrous send-off through dispersed lighting from 7th Street Haunt!

LENGTH - 7½, 14 minutes. 
ACTORS - 9, Intensity is up, and practically the entire cast does its best to provide good scares.  Many performers are extremely irate, and carry their enthusiasm throughout their scenes.  Costuming is adequate, with Headless Man being most visually stimulating. Old Creeper remains a favorite with his twisted brand of humor! Physician was missing his syringe like appendages, straight-jacketed loony is out of place in the nursery, and was better last season when seen hurling a gurney, a walker, a stretcher, and various other pieces of medical equipment into the path.  Useless hillbillies have been replaced with much more impressive and intimidating voodoo segment.  Playful clowns need to meet a similar fate, or have their demeanor adjusted.  Chainsaw Rejects relentlessly terrorize arrival and departure.  Total Characters = 39 (up from 29 in 2012). 
SCARINESS - 8, As previously mentioned, outdoor Chainsaw Rejects are relentless in their pursuits.  Irate characters are responsible for the majority of scares inside the attraction itself.  Briefness of the experience limits the opportunity to develop quality frights.
DESIGN - 8, Course has been lengthened by 3½ minutes in comparison to their debut season.  Scenes remain random in nature with no central theme, however non-scary hillbillies have been replaced with an active voodoo scenario, and the uneventful funeral wake has surrendered its space to an out of control butcher!  Stuffed animals and bedrooms need to be eliminated as well, and clown attitude addressed as discussed above.  Bouncing around from Old Creeper to inferno, to bathroom proposition, then barrels, baby's room, cornfield, skeletons, and finally into the voodoo installment makes no sense.  Military beginning is effective, but not scary.  A stronger, more memorable finish is needed to reach the next level, and leave customers talking about the attraction.  Continued expansion will prove beneficial.
PROPS - 7, Static décor heavily adorns the entire attraction, but nothing impresses to the point that it stands out.  Mine cart doesn't move, scampering bugs weren't noticed, and vortex is gone.  Mechanical surprises are few and far between, and need to become more widespread in order to score higher.
VALUE - 7, This is one of the area's most expensive attractions, despite cost of admission being reduced by $2.  $18 is a lot to expect with more established, higher profile haunts located just minutes away.  By all means, visit their website and take advantage of the $5 discount coupon that's readily available by liking their Facebook page!  Photo-op at beginning is a novel idea, but comes with a $10 upcharge, which might not set well with local haunt goers that are accustomed to free pictures readily available from other area attractions via their social media outlets.
RATING:  8, One of Lou-evilís newest haunted attractions, 7th Street Haunt returns for its second season bringing an old-school style into a hotly contested market.  Over 13,000 square feet of scares have been improved upon for 2013, and they still have plenty of room to grow and expand in the coming years.  OVH's recommendations in last season's review of a lengthier experience, and a more affordable price have both been implemented, and make the attraction much more customer friendly!  They had one of the larger crowds of the night on the evening of our visit, so they must be doing something right!  Check out our friends at 7th Street Haunt!
Note:  We visited on a night of torrential rainfall, and they were the only attraction that offered us a free poncho!