Ohio Valley Haunts
Reviewed 10/18/08
Factory of Terror
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Canton, Ohio  44705
(330) 455-FEAR
$15 Factory / $10 Mirror Maze
$20 Combo Ticket
$10 Speed Pass valid on both attractions
 $1 coupon available on their website
FACTORY OF TERROR:  The adventure begins even prior to the queue line as big chainsaw toting brutes torment those waiting in the ticketing area!  The attraction itself is accessed via a deserted old machine shop that serves as a walk-through area with a few scares of its own prior to entering the Factory itself.  Darkness abounds inside, as a mysterious voice is heard coaxing scare seekers to “come and find me!”  Loud pounding, flashing strobes, and spooky music set the stage for the upcoming Terror that includes large mechanical skeletons suddenly popping out contesting the path; secret, surprise hiding, falling panels; and startling monsters that spring up from a corridor of hanging bloody body bags!  Another surprise awaits in a spooky cornfield where a bloody, decomposing leg hangs in the vines and millions of grotesque maggots drop down out of trees finding it to be a most inviting home!  Evil clowns, a death defying morgue, and a hillbilly hideaway located in the midst of a frightening cemetery all bring about their own brands of fear, as gunshots ring out in the distance.  Attacks originate from a legless ghoul who commutes with the aid of a walker while cabinets and shutters open and close on their own!  A bloody hospital scene finds an injured Gatsby girl convulsing unstoppably on a table with no doctors in sight to save her!  Other horrors on the horizon include a fog-filled Egyptian crypt that brings about an encounter with a 1000 year old mummy; and spiders that crawl and spin webs all over the walls, while a giant tarantula drops down blocking the escape into a spinning vortex!  Navigation brings about an onslaught assault of ferocious fiends and a final animated skeleton surprise prior to exiting the Factory of Terror!

LENGTH - 8, Just over 15 minutes 
ACTORS - 8, Well hidden, but not nearly enough dialogue. Crazed farmer warning of maggots is most memorable.  Whispering is quite intimidating, and a great beginning
SCARINESS - 8½, Spooky music and sounds throughout.  Surprising characters repeatedly spring onto the scene out of their darkened seclusion. Maggot surprise is horrific, but terrific!
DESIGN - 8½, The factory’s in its first year at this new location.  Cemetery, maggot trail, Egyptian crypt, and graveyard dwelling hillbillies are memorable scenes.  Detailing is extensive, and darkness hides a good number of unexpected happenings.  Machine shop walk-through of the abandoned aluminum foundry creates the expectation that the haunt will have a mechanically inclined theme, but this Factory manufacturers nightmare, not commerce.
PROPS - 8½, Plenty of animated skeletons and seasonal décor.  Dropping maggots are most unique.  Added technological advances would elevate the category.
VALUE - 8½, A little pricey on it's own ($15), so take advantage of the combo ticket to enjoy the mirror maze for only $5 more.
RATING:  8½ Our first trip to Canton’s premier Halloween attraction rewarded us with a much better than average experience.  With only minor alterations and additions, and its phenomenal growth opportunity, Factory of Terror has the potential to establish a niche in the upper echelon of haunted venues.  When visiting, make sure you take the time to enjoy both fright chilling attractions!

HAUNTED MIRROR MAZE: The attraction consists solely of an elaborate, confusing, "never-ending" maze of mirrors, inhabited by a several distracting characters.  Don’t be surprised if you accidentally return to the entrance before successfully locating the correct exit to The Haunted Mirror Maze..

LENGTH - 8, Indeterminable due to the unpredictable nature of the attraction, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 minutes on average.
ACTORS - 8, A handful occupy the confusing surroundings and do a commendable job making sure you hang around for awhile.   Mirrors make them appear to be coming from one direction, then suddenly they step right in your path from another.  Good make-up and costuming, but little dialogue.
SCARINESS - 7½, Not overwhelmingly frightening, unless frustration sets in. 
DESIGN - 9, Oak Island’s Mirror Maze is the best we’ve seen, and this one is lengthier than most.  Reflections create the illusion that hallways extend to infinity, and also reveal “false exits” when the escape curtain repeatedly appears to be close by, but turns out to be resonate mirror images.   Annexing it onto the main event, possibly as the finish, would be the only option for improvement from a creative standpoint.
PROPS - N/A, It’s a maze, so this category doesn’t apply.
VALUE - 7, $10 on its own makes it a little on the pricey side.  The combo ticket is the best way to go, but by all means don’t pass this one up.  There’s nothing else like it around, and there’s a $1 discount coupon on their website making both attractions available for $19..
RATING - 8, The Haunted Mirror Maze presents an alternately themed attraction at the Factory of Terror.  Its ability to draw repeat customers is likely its weakest aspect, which would justify adding it onto the main event in order to lengthen the overall experience. Regardless, it’s still a quite remarkable creation and worth the experience..