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Reviewed 10/20/11
Frightmare Manor
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7588 W. Andrew Johnson Hwy
Talbott, TN  37877
Fri/Sat 7 PM - 1 AM
Thurs 7 - 10 PM
10/30,31 & 11/4,5 - 7PM - 12 AM
$23 for all 3 Haunts
$33 VIP ($29 online)
$38 Haunts + Challenge
$5 to watch Challenge
$1 Parking
Carnivore Backwoods The Challenge
FRIGHTMARE MANOR: Walking up the stairs to the entrance of Jeremiah Lexer's estate, a crazed young girl laughs hysterically gripping her decrepit dolly welcoming patrons inside. The living room waits, as loud music pumps in your ears and hands repeatedly stroke the hair of the curious visitors. A kidís bedroom inhabits a disproportionate "baby brother," as he sulks around and is egged on by an older sister.  Baby dolls line the floor, and mama comes out exclaiming "play time is over!" causing descent down a dilapidated stairwell.  Realistic décor follows suit, from chandeliers to antique furniture to old-style clothing splayed all over the home.  The music grows increasingly audible entering a gruesome kitchen scene where an unruly cook asks you to try her disgusting delicacies, and a corpse-filled dinner table awaits new guests leading into an undead surprise.  Down a hallway with limited visibility, a circular-saw carrying fiend follows, then a moving floor panel obstacle with hands grabbing from unknown locations! Walking down another dark corridor, maggots rain down from the ceiling getting all over one's clothes and hair leading into more encounters of the creepy spirits that inhabit the Lexer Estate accompanied by loud explosions, sirens, a chair that magically comes alive before your eyes, bloody corpses, and a possessed woman on a bed surprise!  A young child cries tears of blood begging for help, and an irate Fräulein screams in her native tongue guiding the path through the disheveled laundry room.  Body bags hang from the ceiling and rats crawl over the floor while an additional circular saw wielding maniac chases everyone into an odorous, unkempt bathroom with faulty plumbing, and eventually into a living room with decaying animal corpses and to the outside fog-filled porch concluding with a camouflaged surprise. 

LENGTH - 7, 9 minutes. 
ACTORS - 9,  All actors were threatening with their engagements with patrons of the haunts. Would like to hear an expansion on dialogue from the use of "wanna play" and "come play with us" repeatedly.  German speaking " Fräulein " was intimidating as she screamed in foreign tongue; the "baby brother" was creepy and spoke in a soft haunting tone. Total Characters = 24. 
SCARINESS - 9,  Soundtrack grows louder as the course progresses, causing audible distress journeying through Lexer's home. The element of touch is used occasionally, making the experience terrifying on another level. A more "in-your-face" attitude from the actors could be helpful, as actors tend to only follow momentarily and give up after patrons leave the room. 
DESIGN - 8½, Overall very short, but filling for the house that the haunt is located (apparently every room is filled to the max with actors, furniture, and props.) The use of Charlie Clouser's infamous theme from SAW "Hello Zepp" serves as the soundtrack to the haunt, but may come off as confusing as movie soundtrack cues in most attractions serves a purpose of an actual upcoming scene from the movie that is reenacted.  The spooky tale of Jeremiah Lexer is introduced on the website, and the house is haunted by the family members he slayed.  Unfortunately, a final confrontation with the evil spirit of Lexer is never fulfilled leaving guests wanting more!  A more pronounced encounter with Knoxville's own legendary serial killer would be beneficial to the overall experience in the attraction. 
PROPS - 9½, All the furniture, dining ware, clothing , corpses, and other related décorwas very realistic and adherent to the time period the murders were set in (1902).  Scents added another element to the bathroom and animal corpses, and the "maggots" raining down from the ceiling is one-of-a-kind!  Could use more as far as gory body parts displayed around the home, and more animatronics couldn't hurt. Only power weapons were circular saws, which defeats the theme of spirits from 1902.  More appropriate but still menacing weapons could include: shotguns, axes, or kitchen knives. 
VALUE - 9, $24 for all 3 attractions, which averages out to being $8 for each. Add the "Nightmare at Frightmare" challenge for $15, and upon succession receive all your money back!
RATING: 9, Length hurts the haunt's score, but Frightmare Manor is definitely the best attraction at Screampark!  Intimidating characters and meticulous realistic props adorn the haunt, making the tale of one of America's most notorious serial killer's come to life! True terror exists here at Frightmare Manor

FRIGHTMARE CARNIVORE:  Giant animatronic beasts beckon the line for the second attraction, as the introduction includes the zombie being gunned down by a hunter CGI, with exploding head matter spraying out towards you walking down a blood-splattered hallway.  Entering a dysfunctional elevator, whispers are heard all around as the bell rings repetitively cuing in on the passengers being sent straight to the underworld! Through a textured stationary vortex, a long journey passes paneled bloodied white walls, and human fluid covered sheets, and portrays different scenes amassing stretchers with disemboweled corpses along with crazed inhabitants tormenting patrons of their trespassed domain.  Venturing through a claustrophobic passageway and strobe-lit hallways, a poor, electrocuted soul feels the wrath of the chair and a barrel-filled room is utilized with loud contact with metal weapons. Other themed scenes include a furniture and dead baby doll heap, and multitudes of dead bodies on abandoned hospital beds that lead out to a double chainsaw assault outside the panel maze, then back through the textured vortex into reality. 

LENGTH - 7, 9½ minutes. 
ACTORS -  8, The actors in Carnivore are less threatening than in the other two haunts, and do not use the additional element of touching and grabbing.  None of the characters used dialogue, besides the one that escorts you in to the elevator and the two chainsaw fiends at the end.  Costuming is significantly neglected in the attraction, as most actors are adorned in dark hoodies and pants.  Not as realistic as the costuming in Manor, and therefore less threatening to patrons of the haunt.  Total Characters = 20 
SCARINESS - 7½, Mostly a walk-through a wood paneled maze.  A few animatronic surprises exist, and chainsaws are loud but used only briefly. 
DESIGN - 8, Walls are painted white with rich red blood (paint) standing out to the visitor's eyes.  The two vortex tunnels are textured, which is a new spin on the traditional spinning vortex. Rammstein plays the soundtrack for the trek through Carnivore, which is pleasurably loud and eardrum-pounding.  However, there are lots of dead spots that need to be developed in the attraction, and a better interaction between actor and visitor could boost the entertainment of this attraction.  The structure is reminiscent of a dark maze, yet is a straight walk-through, and is well lit making it too easy to be classified as a maze.  If converted into a maze, the length of the haunt will become longer with various entrapments. 
PROPS - 8½, All props connected with Carnivore's theme of experiments gone wrong, as there are countless numbers of body parts and corpses laying above stretchers.  Dysfunctional elevator, electrocution victim, and zombie CGI at beginning are standouts in the attraction.  Haunt could use more as far as actors/props/action happening within the walls of the outdoor structure.
VALUE - 8, Considering Carnivore as part of the $24 three attraction deal averages out to just  $8. Carnivore is significantly weaker than the other two haunts, but boasts the longest duration.  Add the "Nightmare at Frightmare" challenge for $15, and upon successful completion of haunts/challenge receive all your money back!
RATING: 7½, Length hurts the haunt's score, and less attention to acting prowess/costumes makes Frightmare Carnivore the weakest attraction at Screampark.  Witnessing the experiments of Jeremiah Lexer is displayed profusely from start to finish. These are worse things than death....Frightmare Carnivore

FRIGHTMARE BACKWOODS:  A female zombie invites new visitors into Lexer's Backwoods, and everyone is warned in a small shack by Charlotte about the horrors that will be encountered within the woods.  Proceeding from the miniscule shanty and passing an abandoned well produces a feminine lurker that stalks patrons into a cemetery scene with a funeral possession being interrupted by a psychotic mourner.  Screams echo in the woods, and entrance into the "wood shed" with creepers grabbing at your legs leads through drying laundry, and across a wooden bridge that says "KEEP OUT" and "DANGER" overhead, then into a doll house filled with tormenting young girls displaying their mutilated toys thrown amongst their area.  Crossing a second bridge with a low hanging overpass, a screeching surprise greets the curious at the end, and introduces a psychopath demanding "GET OUT OF MY WOODS!"  Clearance into "The smoke house" yields limited visibility, exploding electric firecrackers, and spider webs hanging from the ceilings concluding with a dementive chainsaw encounter through a car junkyard ending navigation through Lexer's Backwoods

LENGTH - 7, a little over 9 minutes
ACTORS - 8½, This attraction had the least amount of actors, but used more techniques such as grabbing and touching than Carnivore. Charlotte and funeral mourner were standouts amongst the characters, and once again, dialogue is increasingly less than in Manor.  Many young girls scream loudly to produce a scare, but it becomes an annoyance after it's heard numerous times.  Total Characters = 19 
SCARINESS - 8, Being in the dark woods with trees entangling overhead is scary enough, let alone having actors vying to produce fright from new visitors. 
DESIGN - 8, The outdoors trail is heavily decorated with various knickknacks and household goods that would be any hoarder's dream!  Different themed sheds introduce various scenes of the typical southern nature (smoke house, wood shed, outhouse, etc.), and wooden bridges produce uncomfortable conditions in which one has to duck to avoid hitting their head.  The trail is a hair longer than Manor, but has visual points of interest along every step of the way.  Costuming is again weak, mostly made up of actors wearing hoodies and dark pants.  Could benefit from wearing similar, period relevant costumes as Manor attains.
PROPS - 7½, The plethora of household items cannot take the place of animatronics and props that Manor and Carnivore include.  Also, the trail into the woods is less "blood and gore" than the first two haunts. This causes the trail to be less threatening, and not as intimidating as the rest.
VALUE - 8, Part of the $24 three attraction deal, averages out to $8. 
RATING: 8, Backwoods is close to being the longest Screampark attraction, and also competes to be the scariest with its secluded woods setting.  Some believe the spirits of the dead still roam today within....Frightmare Backwoods.

NIGHTMARE AT FRIGHTMARE - "THE CHALLENGE":  "The Challenge" defines Frightmare Manor as "The Money Back Haunt!"  What was thought to be a myth has been brought to life by the owners of this eastern TN Screampark, making it the most controversial haunted attraction in the state.  Those who agree to participate have to be at least 18 years old (if under 18 your parent must accompany you), sign a four page release form, and have a strong stomach/determination!  As mentioned above, completion of all three haunts and "The Challenge" rewards a complete refund ($38) and your picture on the "Survivor Wall" for all your friends to view.  For an additional $5, friends and family can watch participants as they attempt to show how gutsy they are!  Not trying to give away what competitors must do, the website does state that the participant must: "1. Eat Something.  2. Drink Something.  3. Do Something."  So you think you can make it?  We'll see..... 
FRIGHTMARE MANOR SCREAMPARK OVERALL EXPERIENCE:Frightmare Manor Screampark is one of the most talked about attractions in the mid-south because of their slogan "The Money Back Haunt," and the curiosity surrounding the infamous Nightmare at Frightmare "Challenge."  Completion through Manor, Carnivore, and Backwoods only provokes patrons to ask "why not?" and attempt to score their entrance fee back.  Of course the challenge is not easy (who thought it would be?), and succession leads to bragging rights for years to come!  A tram fee from the parking lot to the Screampark of $1 is included with the $23 admission, and a free attraction armband comes with purchasing entry. TRUE TERROR EXISTS HERE at FRIGHTMARE MANOR SCREAMPARK in Knoxville, TN!