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Cedar Point Halloweekends
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Reviewed 2009 by Lisa Fisher
One Cedar Point Dr.
Sandusky, OH  44870
(419) 627-2350
$29.99 Starlight Admission
CEDAR POINT HALLOWEEKENDS: The lines can get a bit long at Cedar Point but that's expected. Worth the price since you have access to 4 haunted houses, 5 scare zones and Americas best roller coasters. Taking the space spiral up above the park at night is a very neat site, fog just lifts over the whole park and eerie glows from the scare zones add to the feeling.
Club Blood

Club blood is a vampire themed walkthrough haunted house. A nicely done car crash scene is at the main entrance, music is heard through the doors. Even before you enter the haunt there is an actor running behind people scaring them. This provides much amusement to get through the line. After the entrance and the warning necessities you are lead through winding halls into various rooms. All nicely decorated and still the music pounding above you. Actors are hiding in corners, reaching from above you. Mirror mazes and body bags, a traditional "3-D" room, a very nicely vampire wedding set up and vampire cage dancers. It's a fun haunt, nothing scary and no awesome props. A very short haunt but well 
Undertaker U

Another small quick walkthrough haunted house. Medical education themed this time. The building is circular which adds for a an interesting feeling. Nothing fancy in this haunt either. Again very nicely done decorations. Actors in all the standard expected places. Hallways lead into various themed rooms. The screaming student without a lower body strapped to a table is always a classic. The haunt ended with a trip through a vortex tunnel.
Eerie Estates

This was one of two new attraction for the season. Strobe lights and fog emitted from the windows of the house. A haunted mansion style attraction. Dusty and dimly lit rooms that lead through a foyer, kitchen, library, living and dining room, among others. Low lighting and cleverly hidden actors. This one was longer to get through and had more scares but no major props. A favorite was the tree decoration. Nothing over the top, just a good attraction.
Happy Jack's Toy Factory

The second new attraction of the year, which replaced the Pharaohs tomb. Outside the line is a huge mechanical jack in the box, which pops up and cackles. Once inside you are lead through hallways and rooms each brilliantly decorated. The 
soundtrack from the movie "Toys" is playing throughout the attraction. Rooms filled with balls, hula hoops, dolls, stuffed animals and many other toy related props. Cedar Point makes very good use of unused stuffed animals. This attraction had a lot put into it, moving props, cleverly designed decorations. Dolls, clowns, freaky animals and life-sized dolls pop out at you around every corner, crawling behind and grabbing from above. This is the best of the four and the exit room is extremely amusing and unique.
Terror Island

A walkthrough pirate themed haunted attraction. Fog spills over every inch of the walk path. Roller coaster speed by above you at a very close proximity. Dead pirates appear out of the fog all around you. A gun battle occurs over a dispute over Rum. Sunken ships and floating walkways. A decent walk through but could use some more between scenes. Again very good decorating and took awhile to get through the whole thing.

Carnival themed walkthrough. Fog so dense you cannot see in front of you. Swirling LED lights have the affect of a vortex in the sky. Clowns appear out of nowhere and shake rattlers in your ears. No major props but the density of the fog allows for easy scaring. This also takes some time to get through since it's on a closed large loop.
The Freight Zone

Didn't make it through this year but past years it has also been a high fog low prop area. Just good scares from the actors. 

Lack of time prevented me from going to this one as well. Past years it was corn lined walkways where people would reach out and grab. Giant scarecrows towering above and heavy fog.
Fear Faire

Lack of time also prevented this one. The entrance looked impressive with the castle like structure. Last year there was a very impressive mechanical dragon prop. More scenes set up in this then the other walks. Actors had more elaborate costumes, with much dragon themes. 
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