Ohio Valley Haunts
Ohio Valley Haunts
Halloween Haunt
at Kings Island
Category:  Professional EVENT
Reviewed 9/23/16
Photos: 2016 '15 '14 '12 & '11 Classic Fearfest
Field of Screams 6½ Minutes 19
Urgent Scare * 6½ Minutes 21
Slaughter House * 5½ Minutes 21
KillMart * 4½ Minutes 15
Sorority House * 6 Minutes 15
Wolf Pack 3 Minutes 6
Backwoods Bayou 4½ Minutes 13
Madame Fatale's * 5 Minutes 15
Board to Death 3½ Minutes 19
Blackout 6½ Minutes ?
CarnEvil 4 Minutes 13
The Viewing * 5 Minutes 1
* Denotes Attractions with a bonus Skeleton Key room.
Halloween Haunt features 11 independently themed attractions, 3 walk-through scare zones (Nightmare Alley, Cemetery Dr., and Freak Street), 3 entertaining performances (Hot Blooded, Monster Rock, and Blood Drums), and the debut of a challenging skeleton key "Escape Room" known as The Viewing.  Also new for 2016 is Field of Screams; the conversion of Backwoods Bayou from a "scare zone" to a stand alone maze; the rebranding of Delta, Delta, Die to Sorority House; and fun, customer-interactive Coffin Races.  The night can be complimented by an all-you-can-eat Fright Feast buffet, special Skeleton Key ONLY rooms that house the park's best scares, and front of the line access, along with 21of the park's top Thrill Rides - Banshee, Delirium, Diamondback, Drop Tower, Invertigo, Firehawk, Vortex, Flight of Fear, The Bat, The Beast, The Racer, Monster, Scrambler, Shake, Rattle, and Roll, Viking Fury, Zehhyr, Windseeker, Adventure Express, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Dodgem Cars, and Boo Blasters on Boo Hill that are included with admission.  Why spend $20 elsewhere on a 10-minute haunted house when 7 hours of seasonal entertainment await at the tri-state's top-rated Halloween EVENT?
Halloween Haunt
What you can see will scare you.
What you can't see will HAUNT you!
6300 Kings Island Dr., Mason, OH  45040
(513) 754-5700 
Fri $30.99 Online ($46.99 at Gate) 6 PM - 1 AM
Sat $42.99 Online ($65 at Gate) 11 AM - 1 AM (Haunts open at 6 PM)
Fright Lane (front of line) passes available (includes access to Skeleton Key rooms)
Fright Feast (6-8 PM in Picnic Grove) sold separately or as Combo w/Park Admission
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Mazes Fear Zones Attractions
Field of Screams Slaughterhouse Wolf Pack Backwoods Bayou Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror Killmart Nightmare Alley Freak Street Hot Blooded
CarnEVIL Sorority House Board to Death Blackout Urgent Scare The Viewing Cemetery Drive Monster Rock Blood Drums
Halloween Haunt at Kings Island