Ohio Valley Haunts
Reviewed 10/10/09
Haunted Junkyard
1590 Quick Rd
New Carlisle, OH
(937) 845-3236
$10 Admission/VIP = $16
$3 Last Ride
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THE HAUNTED JUNKYARD:   Horror movies entertain the queue line outside The Haunted Junkyard.  The adventure begins down a steep, torch lit hill that's lined with junked cars, and an abandoned motorhome that houses the first surprise attack of the night.  Soon the course encounters a detour, and enters into a darkened structure highlighted by loud pounding on the walls, and a crazed clown attempting to engage visitors in a game of "skin the cat."  Strobes and body bags lead to a hallway of florescent caskets, and a room of doors.  Selecting the wrong one results in some unexpected surprises, and there's only one way out.  Back outdoors, the path winds down another aisle of dead autos, and into a skid maze.  Exiting back into the junkyard delivers a brief chainsaw chase, followed by a motorized truck pursuit, a surprise at the hands of a worker blasting sparks from a rotary grinder, and a trek through a pair of discarded school buses, the second of which has been flipped upside down! The final section of the trail brings about a confrontation with Michael Myers, sudden noises from behind a series of barrels, a mysterious gravedigger, a surprise from a screaming, half-dead girl whose torso has been ripped away exposing her spine, and a chainsaw chase-out of The Haunted Junkyard

LENGTH - 7½, 13 minutes.
ACTORS - 6, Adequate costuming, but little meaningful dialogue.  The clown by default is most memorable, but his game of "skin the cat" never materialized..  Total Characters = 15.
SCARINESS - 6, Nothing all that frightening other than the sparks and the truck chase.  Walking past the junked cars provides the remainder of the scares, and it's just too uneventful.
DESIGN - 6, Lots of dead spots along the path. Indoor events need to have some purpose.  Coffin corridor, sparks, motorized chase, and upside down bus are good building blocks, but the cars themselves are just too inactive, and don't produce any other surprises or scares.  Skid maze offers no interaction as well.  Michael Myers just stands there and doesn't have a victim to "kill."  Length could be expanded as well.
PROPS - 6, This is the weakest aspect of the attraction.  There simply isn't much to look at for the most part, and animated props are absent.  Need to start filling in the dead zones, and detailing the clown room, etc.
VALUE - 7, The price has remained unchanged for a number of years now. 
RATING:  6, The majority of the time is spent outdoors alongside the abandoned old cars.  If that's spooky enough for you, then The Haunted Junkyard might rate higher. 

THE LAST RIDEThis motion simulated casket ride attempts to portray what it would be like to experience being confined inside a coffin, transported  to a cemetery by hearse, and actually buried alive!  Cost is $3.