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Ohio Valley Haunts
Category:  Professional Venue
Reviewed  9/6/14
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Land of Illusion
Land of Illusion
Haunted Scream Park
(5 Haunted Attractions and Zombie Sniper Patrol)
8762 Thomas Rd
Middletown, Ohio  45042/(513) 423-9960
Fri/Sat: $34.99 for haunts ($49.99 VIP) - plus $5 parking
Sun (Oct ONLY): $24.99 ($34.99 VIP) (Trail CLOSED)
$5 VIP discount on website and on Facebook
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Dr. Psycho's Haunted Estate Middletown Haunted Trail Temple of Terror
Voodoo Bayou Shanty Killer Klowns Zombie Sniper Patrol
Plus LIVE nightly entertainment on the STAGE OF RAGE, tasty refreshments at the CREEPY CAFE, and adult beverages at the VOODOO LOUNGE
Zombie Sniper PatrolZOMBIE SNIPER PARTOLOne of the most unique experiences around returns to Land of Illusion for 2014 in the form of Zombie Sniper Patrol.  Patrons actually get involved in the action by climbing aboard one of several customized U.S. Army cargo trucks equipped with rows of paintball gun turrets mounted along both sides of the vehicles.  Each paying customer is seated behind one of the weapons, and is in total control of firing off rounds of ammunition as the rig forges into the woods encountering several different scenes of “targets” including various road signs, abandoned cars, a deserted campsite, random structures, and of course roaming, undead zombies!   Because of glow-in-the-dark lighting, individual shots can easily be followed from the time they leave the rifle all the way up until the point of impact.  The object of the challenge is to eliminate the “walkers” via direct headshots.  Reloading is available for a $5 upcharge if you happen to use up all of your “bullets” prior to the end of the adventure.

The event takes about 15 minutes to complete, and 2 or 3 zombies occupy each scene.  It isn’t scary per se, and there aren’t any props other than arbitrary static targets within the various scenes, thus this attraction hasn’t been rated as an actual haunt.  It’s designed to be fun, and actually INVOLVE customers in the action.  An additional $12.99 ticket must be purchased in addition to regular park admission, which might be a bit on the steep side considering customers have already paid around $35 to get in, but it’s definitely a one-of-a kind experience, and one that is certain to be enjoyed when visiting Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park!

Middletown Haunted TrailTHE MIDDLETOWN HAUNTED TRAIL In traditional fashion, OVH's 2014 Haunt Season officially begins across an old wooden bridge that leads onto The Middletown Haunted Trail with a welcoming machine gun initiation.  An established military presence is evidenced by a vast array of equipment and camouflaged gear that guides the way to Area 49 - a polluted action zone inhabited by albino alligators and other animated monsters, and characterized by piercing air-raid sirens, loud gun shots, other warnings, and alarms.  Maneuvering across a vibrating, iron-grated bridge carefully navigates the treacherous surroundings, but terminates into a fenced-in toxic holocaust topped with barbed wire!  Contaminants fill the air hampering visibility, and completely engulfing the escape across a lengthy overpass that obscures a run-in with notorious slasher Michael Myers!  Fleeing through near complete darkness leads the course to a newly constructed underground tunnel accessing a medical mishap trauma center occupied psychotic physicians inducing an early childbirth, push distraught patients about in wheelchairs, and cannibalize the flesh off of human bodies!  Escape discovers a series of inmate filled prison cells, then heads back into the lightlessness of the woods where vicious snarls, snorts and growls are heard but remain unseen.  Up next lies a surprise containing Pumpkin Master scene, then it's onto a mysterious looking cornfield and into the clutches of giant spiders spinning demonic webs, wicked witches seeking to add living ingredients to their bubbling brew, and chainsaw wielding lunatics emerging from shacks, etc. giving chase through a torturous path littered with severed body parts!  "You're all gonna die," they threaten as attacks mount from every conceivable direction!  Somehow eluding the onslaught, reprieve is sough across an old covered bridge, but Cherry Hill waits on the other side ruled by TheLegend of Sleepy Hollow's  infamous Headless Horseman!  From there, it's onto a nearly abandoned ghost town that comes alive with cantankerous hillbillies confronting trespassers at gunpoint, while critiquing the unpleasantness of their intruder's scent!  A spooky, fog-filled cemetery is seen on the horizon, but arrival catches the attention of hungry zombies and undead beings slithering along the ground!  Still to come is a condemned playground where a frenzied girl screams and rips off the head off her precious doll as progression exposes an elaborate detention facility that lands you in the midst of a maniac waving a blowtorch ready to set fire to caged captives, and anyone that gets in his way in advance of an area where a pair of school buses that have tragically been driven straight into the ground!  Howling werewolves beckon the approach to the deepest, darkest part of the inhospitable woods and into a mineshaft that interrupts an excursion in search of gold.  A variety of complications await including a nasty kitchen/cafeteria serving up inedible delicacies at the School of Hell, soon followed by a pair of skull-lined spinning vortices that transition into a bloody butcher shop, where the blood soaked villain and his female accomplish promise to menacingly tear the meat from your bones while devouring the intestines of a recently slaughtered hog!  The scene climaxes past vibrating morgue-like body vault drawers protected by a demented vixen seeking more dead corpses, and into a freezer stocked with suspended body bags that serves 
as the finale to this one mile of night terrors known as The Middletown Haunted Trail.

LENGTH - 9+, 24½ mins.
ACTORS - 9, As always, a strong cast staffs the star LOI attraction.  Nearly all delivered enthusiastic performances, and costuming is top notch including miners who are attired in authentic gear. Crawling zombie first seen a year ago makes a triumphant return to graveyard, and Blowtorch maniac is most impressive and memorable. Hillbillies typically aren't scary, but these conducted extended interactions conversing with our group for quite some time. Myers needs to claim a victim after his initial showdown.  Elevating the overall viciousness is necessary to improve the score.  Total Characters = 41 (down slightly from 2013).
SCARINESS - 9, The isolated outdoors sets an appropriate mood for the experience, and sound enhancement adds to the ambience.  Interactive acting makes a positive contribution. New underground tunnel houses one of the more memorable scares, but is somewhat offset by the new mineshaft, which is well done, but barring some sort of realistic "cave-in," lacks the potential to become as frightening as its Nest counterpart it replaced.  Finishing scenes need to step things up in order score higher.
DESIGN - 9, Several changes have taken place this season with the most notably being the outstanding underground tunnel that houses frenzied scares.  Nest was converted into a mineshaft, and while the aforementioned had underperformed as late, it had the potential to be the best scene on the trail if given a larger population of sultry, seductive female vampires for which it was designed!  New mineshaft would benefit from a manufactured "cave-in" as mentioned above.  Course itself continues to get off to a rather slow start and the finish needs to make a greater impact.  Area 49 remains the most active.  Fog density in advance of Myers continues to be an outstanding touch, and obscures his presence until you're right up on him!  Flow of scenes is sometimes questionable, as several are random in nature and don't really make sense (military section gives way to Myers in the woods, and mineshaft giving way to kitchen, school, butcher shop, etc.
PROPS - 9+, As is the case throughout much of LOI, plenty of overwhelming props and animatronics are on display, and scenes are elaborately detailed with the new underground tunnel taking home top honors. Butcher shop continues to earn honorable mention as well, and it goes without saying how important Area 49 is to its sector.  Blowtorch remains awesome, and Headless Horseman is a classic that's seldom seen elsewhere!
VALUE - 10, While huge strides have been made throughout the park, The Trail remains the most powerful attraction on the site, and unlimited entry makes the LOI "trump card" quite a worthwhile bargain!
RATING:  9. The feature attraction at LOI lives up to its billing with a lengthy, action-packed adventure. Several new scares have arrived for 2014, so if you like haunted trails, this 6-time Ohio Valley Haunts Best Trail Award winner is not to be missed!

Dr. Psycho's Haunted EstateDR. PSYCHO'S HAUNTED ESTATE:   The adventure begins down a dimly-lit hallway where a brief CGI entrapment delivers a blood splattering surprise before yielding to an immediate gunpoint confrontation courtesy of the scene just witnessed.  Upon release, the approach to the estate itself is guarded by animated grave diggers, bodies springing forth from coffins, and a scary old hearse.  Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor beckons the way into a funeral wake that's first seen from a short church pew maze, then treks through a spooky looking graveyard into an unexpected chainsaw pursuit!  Thunder, lightening, and howling wind accompany the first glimpse of the frightening old house standing mysteriously off in the distance.  Tombstones, animated corpses propelling from their eternal tombs, a thrashing body hanged by a noose from a nearby tree, and caged skeletons struggling to escape imprisonment guide the way past a deranged fiend occupying a morgue.  Progression into a recently constructed barn discovers a demented degenerate singing "Mary had a Little Lamb," and protecting severed body parts and guts suspended from the rafters!  Evading his wrath delivers continuance through a desolate playground that stations an abandoned merry go round, as well as a spirit infested swing set that finds invisible "ghost riders" swaying back and forth of their own volition!  Entering into the house discloses another crazed ghoul, this one cradling a skull in his arms, and inviting passersby to "lick, suck," and otherwise desecrate his prized possession!  As the course detours through a freezer stocked with body bags; a gory kitchen of bloody, dismembered appendages; and a dining room surprise, a face-to-face confrontation with Dr. Psycho himself sends his next potential victims fleeing past vibrating body vault doors, and upstairs past laundry and bathrooms where a corpse crashes through a trap door in the ceiling, and a pair of shirtless tyrants converge, one of whom has suffered the fate of having his throat slit and warns, "Dr. Psycho did this to me, and YOU'RE NEXT!"  Atrocities continue to mount at the hands of an evil-minded dentist drilling into his patient's head in advance of the path diverging through a child's playroom and a corridor of blood-splattered doors into the open arms of another monstrous surprise!  A newly constructed crematorium is on the horizon featuring flaming incinerators that consume human flesh and bones turning them to ashes, and housing a vicious mortician intent on amputating tongues!  Waiting in the wings is a casket-lined passage compromised by poisonous, hissing snakes beneath overhead pipes that leak blistering toxic steam hiding a startling assault of a descending creep impeding advancement through a cistern of sewage pipes, and the eventual escape from Dr. Psycho's Haunted Estate.

LENGTH - 7½, 13 minutes.
ACTORS - 9+, Costuming and group interaction is good.  Characters are enraged and highly motivated throughout, and some are bloody and gruesome in appearance.  Shirtless tyrant with his throat slit is best.  Mary had a Little Lamb degenerate; crazed, skull toting Greeter; and overhead creep are likewise memorable. Dr. Psycho should step up his performance and commit some heinous act as he's supposed to be the star of the show!  "Goofiness" and hillbillies present a season ago have rightfully been eliminated, as they defied the nature of the attraction. This season's crew as a whole outperforms those of years past making this the best acting to date at the Haunted Estate!  Total Characters  = 16.
SCARINESS - 9½, Lots of well-timed traditional, and technological scares are present from beginning to end.  CGI surprise gets things off to good start, and several positive scene changes have taken place as discussed below.  Sound of a beating heart approaching the introduction of Dr. Psycho continues to impress, but background track remains otherwise quiet at times, and could stand some attention.  Encounters inside the house are more threatening than ever in 2014!  Actor intensity is admirable, and their appearance legitimzes their scares, which seem to never stop.
DESIGN - 9+, Although this season's installment is slightly longer, duration continues to hamper its overall performance.  Outdoor soundtrack continues to incorporate blowing wind in accompaniment to thunder and lightening, but inside seems uncharacteristically quiet the past few years as hinted at above.  Botanical garden has finally been eliminated and exchanged in favor of the debut of more visually powerful scenes, the most impressive of which are the crematorium and sewage cisterns.  Playroom, laundry and bathrooms don't really contribute, thus should be the next to undergo revitalization.  Barn is now a contributor due to the presence of a stronger, more intimidating character.  Flesh being torn from face of Dentist's victim is missed, but most all other changes implemented stick more closely to the attraction's central theme creating better, more memorable scares.  A more impressive send-off is still needed, and Dr. Psycho needs to "steal the show, but all things considered, this is the best the attraction has ever been by far!
PROPS - 9½, This attraction is filled with overwhelming décor complimented by an abundance of animatronics.  Utilization of fire in crematorium has this LOI attraction nearing perfection from a prop perspective!
VALUE - 10, Unlimited visitation opportunity propels the worth of each LOI attraction, and this is arguably the scariest haunt the site has to offer. 
RATING:  9+, History has been made this year at Land of Illusion! Because of massive improvements including the elimination of weaker scenes in favor of more visually impressive upgrades, Dr. Psycho's Haunted Estate has actually outscored The Trail as the dominant LOI attraction!  The dethroned champ remains a major player, but 2014 marks the year that Dr. Psycho's has arrived! Added length, combined with a few more tweaks here and there could easily elevate this attraction's performance to HAUNT OF THE YEAR contendership!

Temple of TerrorTEMPLE OF TERROR:   The adventure begins through mysterious doors, covered with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics where an immediate, darkened entrapment delivers a mesmerizing warning of imminent wrath that's sure to be incurred by those violating the sanctity of the Temple.  A major surprise is on the horizon before the actual exploration gets underway through a lengthy claustrophobic passage, then into a skeleton lined corridor that finds mummified bodies clinging to life, and bony remains rattling imprisoning bars desperately seeking freedom.  Horrific sounds escort the torch lit path past upright caskets serving as tombs for decomposing bodies, impressive sarcophaguses, and eventually into the clutches of a gigantic, irate Impaler that awakens right before your eyes as the course winds deeper into the tragic catacombs.  Enormous bats hover directly overhead violently flapping their elongated wings as they guard a pyramid of lifeless skulls, while venomous cobras spew forth poisonous sprays in advance of a wooden sway bridge that traverses cascading water to the accompaniment of a sudden, overhead surprise!  Musty smells and collapsing ceilings hamper navigation, while darkness obscures a variety of disgruntled creatures including a huge, bloody-mouthed behemoth that unexpectedly discovers your presence and bursts forth to attack!  Continuance witnesses the tortured remains of a forsaken victim violently being thrust upon a bed of nails, setting the stage for a gun blasting finale for the lost souls brave enough to invade the Temple of Terror!

LENGTH - 7, 8½ minutes. 
ACTORS - 7½, Cast size has unfortunately diminished once again in comparison to last season and significantly over the past few years.  Interactions began upon entering the Temple, although a few cast members were encountered on multiple occasions.  Appropriate costuming exists including a few "live" mummies, and the introduction of a Pharaoh-like fiend wearing an Egyptian headdress, etc.  Additional mummies would prove beneficial as these signature characters perfectly fit the theme, and a greater population stalking and pursuing would further elevate the score.
SCARINESS - 9, A frightening mood is set by mysterious lighting and although it seems quiet at times from a soundtrack perspective, the unnerving effect of dripping water proves most intimidating, and the growls from the various monsters can be heard far in advance of their encounters!
DESIGN - 9, Not much has changed from a design standpoint over the past several years.  The attraction gets off to a memorable start, sets are appropriately detailed, and several mechanical monsters are poised and ready to pounce on the unsuspecting.  Collapsing ceiling is impressive as is claustrophobic passage and imprisoned skeletons that move about on their own volition, but the finish remains lackluster.  Additional eye-catching scenes similar in nature to the bridge/surrounding water are needed along with a higher impact sendoff to take this category to the next level.
PROPS - 9+, Plenty of eye-catching animatronics, appropriate décor, and mechanical surprises are on display.  Use of fountains and water is quite captivating, and is most suitable for the environment.  Caskets and sarcophaguses leave lasting impressions as well.
VALUE - 10, An unbeatable bargain on the combo ticket, and UNLIMITED entries!
RATING:  8½, Temple of Terror stands as a quality, independently themed supporting attraction at LOI!

Voodoo Bayou ShantyVOODOO BAYOU SHANTYHillbilly music blares through the old, country shack that's home to a family of incestuous, off the wall rednecks.  The dimly lit course explores various rooms of the dilapidated old structure where groups are suddenly confronted for disturbing some blood-stained laundry and even threatened by a country boy pointing a crossbow as the jovial, down home tunes give way to a darker, more sinister soundtrack.  Total darkness unexpectedly surrenders to hissing snakes suddenly appearing beneath your feet, as the course heads through a foul smelling kitchen littered with dirty dishes, and continues through spider webs into an undead nursery, then onto run-ins with a Cajun mama offering samples of excrement as if it were a delicacy inviting visitors to "take a whiff," and another Creole gal desperately in search of more chicken legs and assuring male members of our group that we "surely don't need our third leg!"  Next up is the "Tribute to Jimmy" room adorned with wheelchairs, a walker, numerous pill bottles, an aged mortal breathing into a nebulizer, and a corpse having multiple syringes protruding from its carcass!  Down a neglected path overrun with weeds and declining the polite offer of a corncob from a hayseed exiting an outhouse ushers the course back inside past body bags, decapitated heads, severed limbs, oppressive smells, and chained freezer doors that shake and vibrate on their own into a confrontation with a snorting, pig-nosed creature attacking with an over-sized hand!  Remnants of animals having been skinned alive point the way out back, where a dilapidated, old camper gives rise to a chainsaw pursuit through a swampland inhabited by a large, animated gator, then onto a wooden maze-like segment that dumps into the treacherous clutches of a captivating witch doctor condemning trespassers with a mystifying voodoo curse while chanting a hexing spell, "Desare Vanor Danata" (or something like that)!  Fleeing his overbearing presence unleashes a second chainsaw assault that serves as a chase-out of Voodoo Bayou Shanty!

LENGTH - 7, 11 mins.
ACTORS - 8½, Dialogue has improved significantly in comparison to a season ago, and appropriate costuming exists throughout.  Favorites include confrontational crossbow character, Pig-nosed snorter, chainsaw assailants,  Creole gal, and of course the impressive Witch Doctor whose demeanor has been properly corrected in compliance with his role!  Total Characters = 14 (down from 18 in 2012).
SCARINESS - 8½, More meaningful engagements with "the family" arise from their enriched dialogue.  As a result, their interactions are more intimidating, therefore scarier.  Soundtrack continues to be an asset, and a lengthier experience has created the opportunity for additional scares.
DESIGN - 8½, Course has expanded by 2½ minutes and the theme remains consistent throughout.  Subtle changes are appreciated in guiding the cast towards more serious, frightening engagements.  Finish has been vastly strengthened via the mesmerizing Witch Doctor setting the stage for the customary chainsaw chase-out!  Addressing the weaknesses mentioned in 2013's review has been rewarded with a higher score.
PROPS - 8, Detailing is good, and just about everything one expects to see in an attraction of this nature is here.  That said, props aren't nearly as impressive as their mechanical counterparts found along the Trail, in Temple of Terror or at Dr. Psycho's.  Alligator remains most memorable.  Short circuiting hallways present a few years back are still missed, and were appropriate and memorable scare.  Foul smells that debuted a season ago seem a bit toned down.
VALUE - 9, The Shanty has improved significantly since its inception, and significantly in comparison to last year.  The unlimited access policy raises the value of each LOI attraction.
RATING : 8½, While Voodoo Bayou Shanty serves as a differently themed, supporting attraction to "the big three," it's now making a name for itself in customary Land of Illusion style, and has been rewarded with its highest score to date, just barely cracking the 8½ plateau by a mere ½ a point in our overall scoring system.  While it honestly still feels a bit more deserving of an 8, they did a lot of things right this year, and the revised, more captivating Witch Doctor's performance merits giving the attraction the benefit of the doubt.  Good job!

Killer KlownsKILLER KLOWNS:  This attraction is best described as coulrophobia (an extreme fear of clowns) personified!  A darker, far more sinister atmosphere now exists with the lights being dimmed on the vividly fluorescent colors that formerly provided for a much more cheerful mood.  Occupying these more intimidating confines are distorting mirrors, a pair of spinning vortices, a checkered "surprise," an unexpected chainsaw assault, a chain link fence maze, and some ever present Killer Klowns.  This year's rendition introduces Bobo, Snacks, Ma, and their carousal-loving cohorts.  Carnival-style games including firing a man out of a cannon compliment the adventure past a caged gorilla, as well as an "infinite" tunnel, then through a white claustrophobic passage that eventually reveals a jack-in-the-box surprise, and a horde of static harlequins as the curtain comes down on the shenanigans inside LOI's Killer Klowns!

LENGTH - 7, 8½ mins.
ACTORS - 8, Although some of the cast is armed with a variety of noise making weapons in an effort to solidify their reputation as "killers," their population is sparse.  Legless Ma confined to a wheelchair and her "caregiver" are memorable standouts, as is "Clownette" that delivered a relentless chase-out.  Dialogue has improved as well, but exchanging some leftover laughter and joking in favor of witnessing a few acts of violence is necessary in order to more aptly live up to their billing.  Maze was inhabited by only two characters who served up a bit of misdirection, but climbing/jumping antics that were appreciated a few years ago, and served to supplement confusion are no longer present, and the carnival remained empty and uninhabited for the second consecutive year.  Total Characters = 13.
SCARINESS - 7½, Dimming the lights has scares on the rise!  Demeanor of the Klowns has followed suit, as their dispositions are darker as well.  Chainsaw toting Klown is a commodity along with more intensified interactions.  Enlarging the cast size and expanding upon their readjusted attitudes by having them perform some atrocities (beheadings, etc.) will continue to earn this category significant improvement in years to come. 
DESIGN - 8, The main limiting factor continues to be the attraction's short duration. The 3-D gimmick has been done away with and properly replaced by a darkened, more evil environment that's unique to this particular "clown house" separating it from its counterparts commonly seen at other haunts.  Last year's Wizard of Oz scene has rightfully been abandoned, but carnival continues to be way too uneventful, and maze requires some attention as the path hasn't been rerouted in quite some time.  Aside from the female Klown's chase-out, the finish itself continues to be on the weak side which is the Achilles' heel of the LOI attractions.  Soundtrack is somewhat quiet in places, but cleverly incorporates Insane Clown Posse songs as noticeable and appropriate attributes.  Killer Klowns is crying out for additional endurance which could possibly be achieved with the introduction of an extended mirror maze that's complimentary to the theme, and possibly constructing some sort of elevation in order to more impressively climax this attraction via a bank of slides.
PROPS - 7, Nowhere near as exciting from a prop perspective in comparison to the other attractions.  That said, turning the lights down gives this place a whole new look!  Spinning vortices are appropriate for this facility, as are the fence entanglement and white claustrophobic passage.  A few animatronics, mirror maze, and slide would reward this category with a much higher score.
VALUE - 8, How can you go wrong considering park admission grants unlimited access?
RATING : 7½, Because of their inherent nature, clown houses sink or swim almost totally on the talent of the actors and diversity of props, the latter of which aren't all that impressive.  However, the decreased luminosity sheds a whole new light on this attraction, and distinguishes it from its competition's counterparts.  Lots of positives have arrived this season!  Continuing the trend could stamp Killer Klowns as the definitive leader in attractions of its kind!

Land of IllusionLAND OF ILLUSION - OVERALL EXPERIENCE Wow!  This is THE BEST Land of Illusion has been since its inception!  Although Temple of Terror remains status quo, numerous across the board improvements have taken place throughout the rest of the park!  New scenes and scares have bolstered the performances of Dr. Psycho's Haunted Estate and Voodoo Bayou Shanty, and dimming the lights certainly strengthened the contribution of Killer Klowns. The Trail likewise exhibits some brand new scenes, as well as the return of many favorites.  Zombie Sniper Patrol is one of the most unique experiences around and gets customers involved in the action!  Another major impact this season stems from the vast improvement in the quality of acting! Their training, coaching, and professionalism really shows, and customers are the winners because they're being treated to an upgraded show!

Purchasing a ticket to Land of Illusion grants UNLIMITED entry to all 4 haunted houses as well as The Trail! That's an unheard of bargain in comparison to the competition where you often stand in line for a while, spend in the neighborhood of $20 to go through a 15 or 20 minute haunt, and you're done!  At LOI's HAUNTED SCREAM PARK, you're admission means you're there for the entire night!  THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL ATTRACTION!  All of the haunts are equipped with elaborate technological props; Hollywood special effects, lighting, and set designs; and outstanding acting!  Online ticketing simplifies entrance via a special gate that's been established so those that purchase in advance aren't required to wait in line. V.I.P. admission is also available for only $15 more, which grants front of the line, UNLIMITED access to all 5 haunted attractions!  Waiting areas are sheltered from the weather, snacks are available from the Creepy Cafe, and adult beverages are served at The Voodoo Lounge! There's something for everyone at Land of Illusion

HINT:  Ohio Valley Haunts recommends arriving early, visiting on Friday nights when crowds are a little smaller, and hitting the Trail first as lines forms early and get longer as the night goes on.  Investing a few extra dollars to obtain unlimited front of the line entry is likewise the way to go.

OVERALL RATING  9½, The event achieves its score by gathering an impressive assembly of quality attractions at the same venue.  Thus, the overall LOI experience rates higher collectively than any of its component haunts considered on an individual basis.  In today's world of price gouging, LOI is perhaps the best haunt bargain to be found, not only in the area, but in the world!  Once again, these are quality attractions, and this is their BEST performance to date! What are you waiting for? Get out and enjoy a frightful, action-packed evening this Halloween season at Land of Illusion!
Note:  Parking proceeds benefit local non-profit charities including Somerville Volunteer Fire Department, Madison Athletic Group, Southwestern Ohio K-9 Search and Rescue (SWOKSAR), etc.

Land of Illusion