Ohio Valley Haunts
Ohio Valley Haunts
Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall
Category:  Charity Venue
Reviewed 10/21/16
LENGTH: - Duration 16 Minutes?
DESIGN: - Concept 9
- Flow 9
- Lighting 8
- Soundtrack 7
- Changes 9
- Uniqueness
PROPS: - Quality 7
- Quantity/Density 8
SCARINESS: - Ambience 9
- Fearfulness 7
ACTORS: - # 25 8
- Costuming 8
- Dialogue
- Interaction
- Intensity/Delivery
VALUE: - Cost $10 10
- Enjoyment 10
Now in its 27th season, this year's theme presents Myths and Legends recreating various urban tales including Bloody Mary, Slenderman, The Hook, The Kidney Heist, The Clown Statue, Aliens, Munchkinland featuring a beheaded Tin Man,a twist on Harambe the gorilla, and an Actress of the Year performance by Lizzie Borden enthusiastically gloating over the 81 combined "whacks" she just delivered to dear ol' mom and dadTrademark scares such as their infamous elevator,spinning floor,fog-filled Count Dracula's chamber,lightless maze, and bowing down before The Devil himself among other annual favorites are likewise showcased, along with an inspired gas-masked, chainsaw ambush tossed in for good measure!  A great deal of effort has gone into accurately portraying the array of folklore insuring characters and their associated dialogue are "factually" consistent.  Overall duration depends upon one's success (or lack thereof) in navigating chicanery inside the maze, however this year's rendition was a bit simpler to maneuver. 

Cost of admission is only $10 ($8 with a canned good donation), and just $5 on Sundays if you bring along two cans of soup.  This is the way haunted houses were meant to be!

NOTEThe Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is sponsored by The Madonna Council Knights of Columbus, and assisted by youth organizations, including The Boy Scouts.  Annual “Lights on" night featuring Trick or Treat for children is October 23rd from 6 to 6:45 PM before the haunted house opens at 7.  Cost is $5.00 for kids and there's NO CHARGE FOR ADULTS. 

Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall
7700 Seward Ave / Mt. Healthy, OH  45231
(513) 729-1974
Sept 30 - Oct 29; Fri/Sat 8 - 11 PM & Sundays 7 - 9 PM
$10 ($2 discount with canned good donation); $15 Fast Pass (no discount)
$5 Soupy Sundays (Must donate 2 cans of soup to receive discount)
Annual non-scary Lights Up Event is Sunday, Octoer 23rd from 6 - 6:45 PM
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Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall