Ohio Valley Haunts
Reviewed 10/1/10
Night Fright Haunted Trail
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4720 Scarff Rd.
New Carlisle, OH  45344
(937) 845-8311
$11 ($1 off coupon on their website)
NIGHT FRIGHT HAUNTED TRAIL AT SILVER LAKE BEACH:   An immediate surprise initiates the descent into this year's Night Fright Haunted Trail.  Thunder clasps ring out in the otherwise stillness of the night, and lightning flashes illuminate the twilit sky, casting unnerving shadows in the surrounding trees.  Midway down the incline rests an isolated electric chair that offers an interesting proposition - risk having a seat, unless "fear is a factor."  Accepting this curious challenge results in an immediate surprise we choose not to reveal.  Spooky music and witches haunt the surrounding forest while human remains, a mysterious carriage, and a relentless chainsaw attack wait at the bottom of the hill.  Hungry monsters pursue, climbing onto and jumping over a nearby fence, and giving chase onto a bus that's occupied by corpses, skeletons, and a few unexpected startles.  Other sights include distraught doctors murdering unsuspecting patients, and the debut of 4 separate "Scare Dares."  These interactive features engage a single volunteer from each group in a variety of activities that include searching for a severed hand, a gallows incident, public hangings, and a mysterious riddle.  Successful completion of each task results in the earning of stickers, the full collection of which can be redeemed for a prize at the conclusion of the Trail.  In addition, more chainsaw assaults must be negotiated, as well as a falling ceiling; a zombie infested cemetery; a haunted junkyard; a pair of storm pipe entrapments; and a series of misdirected "wrong door" encounters with a number of evil-minded clowns.  Surviving these delays takes the course through spiders and snake infestations, and into a dark maze conclusion of The Night Fright Haunted Trail at Silver Lake Beach.

LENGTH - 10, 34 minutes.
ACTORS - 9½, Outstanding dialogue this season from practically the entire cast!  Clowns are best, but everyone is doing a tremendous job.  Total characters = 35
SCARINESS - 8½, The adventure is more active this season with a number of sudden noises and surprises originating from the darkness, and serving to further compliment the contribution of the highly energetic cast.
DESIGN - 9+, The course has been revitalized this season with the introduction of the 4 Scare Dares, multiple storm pipe entrapments and their resulting confrontations, and the clever use of the doors to repeatedly deliver visitors back to those menacing clowns!  A few uneventful areas exist that need to be addressed, although one sets up an unexpected "gunshot" surprise.
PROPS - 8½, A lot of original, home-made decor make up the trail, but they're utilized to their fullest benefit bringing about a number of sudden surprises, and delivering excellently timed scares.  A few higher impact props would push this category into the next level.
VALUE - 9½, The price remains unchanged for the third consecutive season, costing just $10 with their website coupon and permitting access to half a mile of bone chilling terror!
RATING: 9 Now in it's twelfth season, this trail caught our fancy the first time we visited, and is one you never get tired of.  Night Fright is annually one of the best trails around, and arguably the most fun!  The 2010 trail is fresh and inspired with novel ideas, and clever surprises that combine to produce their strongest effort in a number of years!  That in conjunction with inspired acting and reasonable pricing is responsible for their high rating.  Great job!  Enjoy a haunting good time at the Night Fright Haunted Trail!