Ohio Valley Haunts
Reviewed 9/18/09
Slaughter House
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9319 Wesler Rd.
New Paris, OH 45347
Fri & Sat / 8pm - 1am thru Nov. 7
$10 Admission
SLAUGHTER HOUSE:  The dark, desolate roads of New Paris, OH seemingly dead end at a place of total destruction thatís straight out of Travis County Texas called The Slaughter House!  Receiving visitors at this human butchery is a devious looking character named C. U. Splatter who reveals himself to be none other than the notorious mass murderer anonymously known as Jack the Ripper!  Displaying a large, metal knife, he points the way into a bloody delicatessen where intestines are torn from living people, and join other unimaginable body parts in the display case as part of the weekly special!  Free samples are offered, but rejected, then itís onto even more hideous homicidal crimes including victims suffering decapitations, face amputations, having their throats brutally slashed, and even their brains blown entirely out of their heads by a lethal, blood-spattering gunshot!  Military police arrive just in the nick of time putting the kill factory on lock down, rescuing future sacrifices, and sequestering them in a dimly lit holding area.  But remember, this is no safe house, and these fraudulent MPís soon lead a single file line up a ramp and through total darkness into the surprise of the night!  An endless maze follows, highlighted by group separation, and repeated encounters with a number of violently crazed lunatics armed with knives, machetes and chainsaws!  A secret escape route does exist.  Discovering its whereabouts leads to survival from this blood-bath known as Slaughter House!

LENGTH - 9½, In excess of 25 min.
ACTORS - 8½, Good costuming, make-up, and elaborate masks.  Characters exhibit good dialogue and group interraction, and are armed with genuine weapons which makes for intimidating encounters.  Deli actors are a bit on the playful side.  Wold like to see more assertiveness on their part similar in nature to the Military Policeman.  More threatening mannerisms in general would elevate the score.  
SCARINESS - 8½, Slaughter House provides realistic scares.  Brutality appears genuine, frights are delivered in ways that make them believable, and the environment is conducive to scaring people.  Raising the viciousness of the cast even more would impact the score.  Although not the most grizly occurence of the evening, the Surprise of the Night is certainly the most memorable.  
DESIGN - 8, Outstanding for a first year attraction.  Spacing of scenes is well done along the lengthy course and the theme holds throughout.  A few "skits" may potentially back the line up on busy nights, but they're worth the wait and shortening them would take away from their effectiveness.  Maze chainsaw climax is excellently done, and makes for an appropriate finish even though it's predictable.  The  escape path needs attention as the route is uncertain.
PROPS - 7, This is the weakest link at the attraction.  Decor is consistent with the theme, but offers no real standouts or animatronics.  
VALUE - 9, $10 is the about right price to charge for  a first year attraction of this nature.  
RATING:  8, Slaughter House is the preliminary favorite to take home BEST NEW HAUNT honors for the 2009 season!  Everyone appreciates fresh attractions and new, quality scares and that's what you'll find at Slaughter House!  Pay them a visit.